Team at LandzEdge inflatable waterparks on the beach

Making a splash in Chatanooga

newVUE has been making waves with its latest project success, by opening Chattanooga water park, NOOGA Splash.

For the ownership team, the dream became reality, using newVUE’s full-service offering. As part of an ongoing project with Tennessee based aqua park, newVUE’s remit has included all Technology, Marketing & Website, Operational aspects. newVUE Data & Analytics provide valuable data to make informed business decisions.

newVUE installed all the IT equipment including Booking System provided by Roller Digital, provide ongoing full park management, including a full-time site manager working on-site to deliver day-to-day operations of the park.

COVID-19 presented additional challenges. Social Distancing measures impacted both financial plans and operational processes. In addition to operational management services, newVUE’s team has worked closely with NOOGA Splash park owners to identify other areas of opportunity and business improvement. newVUE’s Marketing Services team created a new website to better present visitors with information about the park and make the booking process easier. With most web users opting for mobile, a mobile-first approach was taken to designing the site. Pages are optimized for SEO, improving the rankings on Google searches. 

Nooga splash website screens
Landzedge website screen on a tablet

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