Our overVUE dashboard seamlessly integrates with your business to collect the latest information from across all data sources and provides you with daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Ever wanted to know how all the aspects of your business are performing without having to get all your managers and leaders into one room? Our OverVUE package gathers all the data you would like and shows you this in a single easy to use dashboard. We integrate with and collect data from across your business and generate daily, weekly and monthly reports to allow you to make accurate performance driven decisions faster than ever before helping you to progress your business.


Use OverVue executive Dashboards & Reports to automatically compile, combine and integrate all your data: 

- Revenue & Attendance 

- Product & Category Analysis 

- Weather   

- Customer Dempgraphics 

- Budget Tracking 


Save time & see insights immediately with New Vue OverVue, view Dashboards, Reports and access Raw Data in your Power BI environment. Share Power BI OverVue Dashboards and Reports with others in your organisation. 

Don’t have Power BI? No problem. We can provide you with a user name and login. 


New Vue OverVue provides pre built dashboards and reports using a variety of sources including CenterEdge, Roller, FareHarbor, Square, Accesso, Campspot, Active8, SMS Timing, Axess, Skidata and more. Don’t see your integration? Contact us to enquire about your vendors.  


OverVue Reports



To get started select the subscribtion to suit your needs. Enter your details, once registration is complete you will recieve a link to download and deploy the app from the Microsoft Power BI App Store. Once the app is deployed reports and dashboards will show demo data. Enter your unique key to replace the demo data with your own data.  


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