Ever wanted to know how all the aspects of your business are performing without having to get all your managers and leaders into one room? Our OverVUE package gathers all the data you would like and shows you this in a single easy to use dashboard. We integrate with and collect data from across your business and generate daily, weekly and monthly reports to allow you to make accurate performance driven decisions faster than ever before helping you to progress your business.


All the data from your business in one simple dashboard. overVUE’s purpose is to help you have a better understanding of what is going on in the day to day running of your business by collecting the latest reports and data from across all aspects of your business and providing a simple easy to use dashboard enabling you to make accurate decisions at an impactful speed.



Our overVUE dashboard seamlessly integrates with your business to collect the latest information from across all data sources and provides you with daily, weekly or monthly reports.




Do you ever wonder where your customers come from, what they are buying, is the weather impacting your sales or is member spend worth the additional discounts you use to entice them? Our custom reports give you just that overVUE! We believe that data is key to making informed accurate decisions providing you the key information to help source, schedule staff, target your marketing and more to the people who are spending in your business.


If you want a taste of what we offer, check out our demo of the OverVue product. Below is a demo report package designed for people like you to be able to see the story of their business in data. Click, drag, select, un-select, mess up a page, say “wow,” try it out!