Did you know customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews? This shows the importance of keeping up to date with the different outlets your customers are using to review your business which is where your potential new customers are making their decisions on spending money in your business or not. Our reVUE dashboard integrates with all major customer review sites and places all your data in one place for you to manage and make informed consumer backed decisions to help progress your business.


reVUE integrates with the major customer review sites to give you a more detailed reVUE of what your guests are saying: 

- TripAdvisor  

- Yelp 

- Google Reviews   


Save time & see insights immediately with New Vue’s ReVue, view Dashboards, Reports and access Raw Data in your Power BI environment. Share Power BI ReVue Dashboards and Reports with others in your organisation. 


ReVue Dashboard


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To get started select the subscribtion to suit your needs. Enter your details, once registration is complete you will recieve a link to download and deploy the app from the Microsoft Power BI App Store. Once the app is deployed reports and dashboards will show demo data. Enter your unique key to replace the demo data with your own data.  

Don’t have Power BI? No problem. We can provide you with a user name and login. 


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