Did you know customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews? This shows the importance of keeping up to date with the different outlets your customers are using to review your business which is where your potential new customers are making their decisions on spending money in your business or not. Our reVUE dashboard integrates with all major customer review sites and places all your data in one place for you to manage and make informed consumer backed decisions to help progress your business.

reVUE is built for you to have a broader understanding of your customer base. Have you ever asked “where shall we go for dinner?” or “I need a new computer but which one?”. Potential customers are asking these questions about your business. No longer trusting the old hard sells to entice them, guests now turn to and rely on customer generated opinions to help make decisions, providing them with the social proof they are searching for to attract them to your business.


“Using guest testimonials regularly can generate approximately 62% more revenue”
Strategic Factory,


reVUE integrates with the major customer review sites to give you a more detailed reVUE of what your guests are saying.

Our custom-built dashboards provide you with the ability to stay in touch with your customers. Giving you the capability to make impactful real time decisions. Saving you time and money on the guessing game of what does a customer really want.



“Increasing a YELP rating by 1 star can increase revenue by 5 to 9%”
Harvard business review


Benefits of using reVUE

Feedback about your business will help you improve your products and services.

Guests talking about your business in different ways can help you with new creative marketing approaches.

Understanding the language your customers use can help you align your content language to better connect with them. Taking target marketing to the next level.

Addressing reviews and communicating with the guest directly will help create that valuable repeat customer.